DIY Automation, Security & Monitoring

Are you among countless numbers of property owners who have avoided home security in the past because it is just too expensive? Well, you no longer have to keep putting it off. Uxari offers affordable DIY home security options that give you every bit of the protection you expect but at a price that is much easier on your budget.
The secret behind the success of DIY home security is the installation. Rather than spending a small fortune to allow a full-service provider to come in and install your system, you order what you need from our website and then install it yourself. But don’t worry, it is not as difficult as it might sound.


Modern home security systems are completely wireless. That means there is no need to cut into the walls or connect your system to your home’s main electrical panel. You so not even need a landline telephone line. All of the equipment runs on long-lasting batteries, device connections rely on radio waves, and the individual control panel communicates with our monitoring center using cellular signals.


Because our systems are wireless, they are not affected by:


  • power outages
  • blown fuses
  • phone service outages
  • power and phone lines cut by criminals.


A DIY home security system from Uxari will even continue working if your control panel is damaged. And if an alarm is ever triggered, our 24-hour remote monitoring facility is standing by to immediately notify authorities. You and your property are never truly left alone when you have a Uxari security system installed.




Why choose Uxari over the competition? Because we offer only the best equipment on the market, backed by our 100%, money-back, risk-free trial, and free shipping. Furthermore, our systems are modular, scalable and completely customizable. You can choose from an extensive list of devices to build a system specific to your needs.


Some of the devices we offer include:


  • motion cameras
  • motion sensors
  • monitored smoke detectors
  • remotely operated door locks.


You can install a security system by itself or couple it with home automation features that will make your home more efficient. No matter what you choose, we tie everything together with an easy-to-use smartphone app that lets you control your system from anywhere. Your Uxari system will even send text alerts and photographs right to your phone so that you are never in the dark about the state of your home.


The time for DIY home security has come. With Uxari, you can have a complete home security and automation package that does not stretch your budget to the breaking point. Now more than ever, DIY packages are putting home security within the reach of nearly every homeowner.